Caye International Bank

Caye International Bank - Belize

Caye International Bank (CIBL) is a registered bank in Belize and was awarded an Unrestricted “A” Class International Banking License in 2003. Regulated and recognized by the Central Bank of Belize, Caye International Bank is a flagship bank in the Caribbean offering both confidentiality and stability in offshore banking. It was the first bank in Belize to become United States FATCA compliant. In 2017, the bank was honored as the best private bank in Belize.

Caye International Bank Services

Caye International Bank offers a range of services to offshore investors including the ability to set up private offshore accounts directly from abroad, secure 24/7 online banking and secure funds transfers. Its foreign currency holding accounts offer low monthly fees, streamlined online access and secure funds transfer services. Offshore loans are also offered by Caye International Bank in USD, CAD, Pounds Sterling, Francs and Euros with flexible terms and rates. 

The bank handles both personal accounts, with a focus on international asset protection, as well as corporate accounts and investment portfolios for companies looking to invest in emerging market opportunities. Pre-loadable Mastercards are available for personal customers ensuring that funds are available as needed without restriction, anywhere in the world.

Gold Loan Program

One of the most popular products offered by Caye International Bank is the Gold Loan Program. This service allows customers of the bank to store gold and borrow against gold assets that are held in a secure gold vault facility in Zurich, Switzerland. Caye International Bank offers lines of credit of up to 75% of the market value of stored gold.

Chairman of Caye International – Joel Nagel

Chairman of Caye International Bank Joel Nagel is an attorney who specializes in international jurisdictions and asset protection. Educated in Europe and the United States where he practices law, Joel Nagel is an expert on banking in the region and offshore banking in general. The executive board of directors of CIBL is committed to providing sound financial advice and investment opportunities to all banking clients in a globally compliant manner.

Banking in Belize

While Belize offers attractive financial solutions in offshore banking for global investors, it also offers extremely high levels of security and stability guaranteed by the Central Bank of Belize, which is the regulatory body for all banking institutions in the country. One of the reasons for this is the reserve requirements enforced by the Central Bank. It requires all banks to hold reserves that are about three times the reserves required to be held by banks in the United States, Canada & the EU. Caye International Bank ensures its reserves always exceeds the legal minimum reserves, making it one of the top-rated offshore banks in the region.

Belize is considered to be a stable democracy with currency linked to the US dollar and a zero-tax regime. There are no currency exchange controls in Belize meaning that money may be deposited and withdrawn at any time and in any currency without restriction. The country is one of the top international jurisdictions for off shore investments in Central America.