Joel Nagel’s profound dedication to the preservation of the natural world is evident in his unwavering support for initiatives such as the Belize Zoo, which focuses on protecting endangered wildlife, and ACES, dedicated to safeguarding crocodiles and KARST, an organization committed to preserving Belize’s unique ecosystems. Joel also actively supports the Turtle Sanctuary at Gran Pacifica, reflecting his strong belief in securing the environment for future generations.

His commitment to conservation embodies his vision of a sustainable coexistence between humanity and nature. 

KARST Protecting Tapir Mountain Nature Reserve through Research, Outreach, and Financial Support Karst...
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The Belize Zoo
The Belize Zoo Preserving Belize’s Wildlife: Exploring the Belize Zoo & Tropical Education...
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Turtle Sanctuary at Gran Pacifica
Turtle Sanctuary at Gran Pacifica Conserving Giant Sea Turtles: The Turtle Sanctuary Initiative at Gran...
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