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Nagel & Associates, LLC was founded in 1990 by Joel Nagel. The firm, based in Pittsburgh, provides executive legal advice in international commercial transactions, specializing in international asset protection, citizenship services and foreign commercial structures. 
The law firm boasts solid international experience and, while firmly established in the U.S., has spent several years working in diverse regions of the world helping U.S companies do business on a global scale. Much of the work undertaken by the legal team at Nagel & Associates involves the selection of jurisdictions for commercial transactions and the best structures available for asset protection and tax efficiency. The team works with both corporations and high net worth individuals.

Significant Partnerships and Projects

The team at Nagel & Associates worked with a principal U.S. bus line to establish the first motorbus distribution facilities in Africa and Central America. This allowed for an expansion and rapid growth for the company while diversifying assets.

Nagel & Associates has spent several years establishing global financial institutions and structures, including insurance companies, banks, hedge and mutual funds, all in foreign jurisdictions, to better serve and benefit key clients. 
Nagel & Associates has worked for over twenty years with international real estate developers, hotels and the global tourism industry to bring new product and new jurisdictions such as Belize into the mainstream tourism marketplace.

Nagel & Associates Practice Areas:

International Asset Planning

Working with clients to strategically develop legal structures and asset protection structures to reduce taxation and provide for generational transfer of wealth. This includes structuring of complex trusts or corporations in low tax jurisdictions around the world. This key area also includes advising on international finance, global insurance products and the creation of Family Offices.

International Business & Commercial Law

Nagel & Associates provide their clients with a wealth of experience in international commercial transactions, including export trading companies, export financing options and franchise agreements. Successes for the firm include working with a client to secure EXIM Bank export finance on a large sale of equipment and helping a U.S. based manufacturer with the setup and structuring of an international distribution team to sell products in Latin America, Asia and Europe. The firm also advises foreign subsidiaries of U.S. corporations on the complex laws surrounding the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, Securities laws and other regulatory compliance issues.
Internationally, Nagel & Associates is an advisor to the Belize Banker’s Association on the US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA).

International Investments and Real Estate

Investing internationally is a challenging process, and Nagel & Associates provide expert services in this area. The firm has worked with several international real estate companies on the structure and development of resorts and lifestyle community developments in Central America and the Caribbean. Work includes foreign license applications for banks, to acquisition and financing for foreign properties. Property portfolio investors use Nagel & Associates’ extensive knowledge to ensure that their international real estate developments are successful. The firm has worked with a notable developer to establish a 2,500-acre resort in Nicaragua, as well as several other key Caribbean developments.
Founder and Managing Partner Joel Nagel leads the legal team at Nagel & Associates.