Community Health Education Workshops

Empowering Villa El Carmen Through Community Health Education Workshops

The Community Health Education Workshops have played an integral role in the CHESS program that served the community of Villa El Carmen, Nicaragua. The program was a collaboration that started in 2008 between Rotaract International, and Gran Pacifica Nicaragua’s co-founders Joel Nagel and Mike Cobbs. The workshops were created for elementary school parents and their families, with the main focus on cleanliness, ensuring access to safe drinking water, promoting well-being and proper nourishment, and being prepared for primary medical care. By addressing these crucial aspects, the workshops not only enhance immediate well-being but also contribute to the development of stronger, healthier, and more resilient communities in the long run. As a result, improving the quality of life, over time, for the people of Villa El Carmen. 


“Through the CHESS Initiative, we have seen the incredible power of collaboration and community empowerment. By focusing on education and healthcare, we are not only improving literacy rates and providing essential resources, but also creating a safer and healthier environment for the children of Villa El Carmen,” said Mike Cobb.


Building a Healthier Future for Families and Children in Nicaragua

The workshops benefited over 900 families across various communities in the Villa El Carmen municipality. Children and families chosen to participate came from 12 primary schools in the community. The workshops covered four main topics:

  • First Aid: Participants received training in providing first aid to individuals suffering from minor or critical health conditions or injuries, ensuring proper attention is administered to safeguard their well-being.
  • Health and Nutrition: This program was designed to educate participants on maintaining a healthy lifestyle through proper diet and good nutrition practices.
  • Hygiene: This topic encompassed the set of conditions and habits aimed at preserving health and reducing the transmission of illnesses. Participants were taught the significance of handwashing and maintaining clean water handling and storage.
  • Access to Clean Water: Promoting Clean Water Access: This workshop offered participants an opportunity to delve into the importance of accessing and consuming clean water. Through engaging discussions, attendees gained insights into the significance of this vital resource for their well-being. The focus was on addressing health issues stemming from unsafe or contaminated water and emphasizing the importance of using water filters to access clean and safe drinking water. Participants will be educated on how these water ceramic filters are produced, their functioning, and how to maintain them effectively for use in schools and households.

“The workshops and programs have made a lasting impact on the lives of over 900 families, inspiring hope and empowering the next generation. We are proud to have been a part of this initiative and look forward to the continued progress and growth of the community,” said Joel Nagel of Gran Pacifica Nicaragua.

The project organized six workshops in collaboration with Institute Juan XXIII from UCA.  

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